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SPI sends informants to seek out your friends! Wait, did I read that correctly?


There is a battle coming and I’m warning you to protect yourself with an-



Oh, you’ve read it right. SPI is raising the heat with this year’s biggest cooking competition in Chennai; The Cook-Off.

This sparks my interest because there are many talented cooks hiding in their kitchens, shying away their recipes from the rest of the world. As someone who has a fridge in the bedroom, this does not bode well with me.

There needs to be a public platform for people to let shine their style of cooking and reveal their own twist to age-old recipes. There needs to be ‘The Cook-Off’.

Sharpen your knives. It’s time to cut…vegetables!

The challenge comes down to your cooking skills, your passion for creating scrumptious food. Cook your own recipe. Make the dish your own.

This isn’t a chemistry class where you’re forced to stick to a standard set of mixtures. This is a chance to experiment. And here’s a little snippet of the crazy ideas people have come up with.


potato halwa


cucumber dosa



sabudana vada

I can guess what you’re thinking, I wish I were the judge who gets to eat these dishes. The combinations are so unusual that you can’t guess the taste. You have to eat it to understand it.

Got any rules?

Each day 3 aspiring chefs stand against each other in the kitchen. Win the smile of the judges and you win your ticket to the next stage. From 60 contestants, the number dwindles down to 30, and from there it gets sliced down to a single digit; nine.

Nine grand finalists. And they’re all eying the grand prize.

Grand prize? You should have started with that.

The prize is a chance to get featured alongside celebrity chefs on Vijay television’s ‘Kitchen Superstar’. That’s thinking big. And not to forget, many exciting gifts are also presented.

If cooking is more than a passion or a dream, then this could get you higher in the culinary ladder. If you’re a great cook, but shy, then friends of such shy cooks, kindly enroll his/her name into the competition.

It’s time to make food history!