Spend Your Weekend At These Pubs In Chennai For Great Drinks & Food

The great thing about going out to pubs with your friends is that even if there is one friend that doesn’t drink, there’s great food that can be enjoyed. Going out over the weekend isn’t just about getting drunk, it’s about having fun and a really good time with your friends. After a long week of work, settling down into a comfortable seat and sipping on cocktails or even just a beer while loud music plays and you and your friends get to just chill for a few hours is obviously the best thing in the world.

There are clubs in the city, but for a quiet evening (well, not so quiet if you count the music) with cocktails and other drinks of your choice and some food, you need a pub. And the best part about a lot of these pubs is that they’re open from lunch onwards, giving you the chance to enjoy the same food and drinks during the day and then again at night. If you’ve never visited a pub in Chennai, then this list is definitely going to help you out. Sit back, scroll through and find your ideal spot.

Big Bang Theory


This is a popular hang out for just about anybody of any age group. They have karaoke on some nights, they have great cocktails to choose from and food that will make you go back for more. Plus, the whole place is set up nicely and that alone makes you feel relaxed.

Location: Kodambakkam

Radio Room


The newest addition to the pub scene in the city is at Somerset hotel. With a DJ spinning classic rock and songs from the 80’s, their drinks list will have you wishing you had more time to enjoy it all. And paired with their delicious food, you are absolutely in for a treat.

Location: MRC Nagar

Plan B


Moved over from Bengaluru, Plan B is the coolest place to hang out in the city. They have a large menu – and we mean large – filled with everything under the sun, including cocktails and drinks that you probably haven’t even heard of. What are you waiting for?

Location: Greams Road

Sera’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant


A Chennai brand, Sera’s has been through a minor change, but besides that they are still the same local establishment that has provided Chennai folks with the escape they need. You might have been here when they were called Zara’s, but now under a new name, nothing has changed!

Location: Gopalapuram

The Dining Company


Start your day off with delicious brunch at this restaurant at Somerset hotel, pair it with or without alcohol and it still works. But you can also stop by in the evenings for music, and great food that goes well with the drink of your choice.

Location: MRC Nagar

The Moon & Sixpence


This Irish themed bar is one of a kind in the city and you can be sure to get your hands on themed drinks that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Plus, their food is delicious and it does the trick when paired with whatever it is you’re drinking.

Location: Guindy

US 101 – Be-A-Sport


There aren’t too many sports bars in the city, but that hole is completely filled up by US 101. They have sports screenings, lots of great food and drinks, obviously. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re watching a football championship or IPL with your friends.

Location: T. Nagar

If we’ve missed your favourite pub in the city, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.