Spectacular Mediterranean Flavours At The Newly Opened Bayroute In Mumbai

Spectacular Mediterranean Flavours At The Newly Opened Bayroute In Mumbai

Elegant lighting adorned the outer section of the newly opened Bayroute at Cuffe Parade and as we made ourselves comfortable and skimmed through the menu, we simply felt spoilt for choice. The dishes were plenty and all looked enticing and so we asked the server to get us the signature items and we had a great experience.

A Galore Of Mediterranean Delicacies

Nope, there is no way a Mediterranean experience is complete with a little hummus and baba ganoush. So we were recommended the Hummus Bayroute, a really special, Beetroot Borani and of course Baba Ganoush! These were served with a platter of pickled vegetables like beetroot, carrots, radish, olives and tomatoes along with a casserole of freshly baked pita.

The Bayroute Hummus was simply out of the world with its creamy texture, distinct flavours of sumac za’atar and sesame shined through giving it a unique flavour. The Beetroot Borani was also mind blowing with its fresh flavours of beetroot hung yoghurt, dill and feta. We have three words ‘om nom nom’ and we highly recommend both these dishes.

The Baba Ganoush was classy with a smoked aubergine, crispy onions, fresh parsley and tomato. We absolutely loved the Pumpkin Kibbeh served with Tzatziki and Tahini Cream. The stuffing of fennel roast pumpkin here has been tossed with caramelised onions and pine nuts. The flavours work well with each other and we mopped up this dish in no time.

For the mains we were recommended the Turkish Gozleme with chicken and it tasted quite good. The flat bread exterior was fresh and crispy, the chicken stuffing was splendid and worked wonders with feta and kashkaval cheese!

The Mediterranean experience at Bayroute was quite amazing and we loved the outdoor ambience accompanied with great food. Do visit Bayroute soon and let us know your experience!


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