Soul Garden Bistro : Filling you with Goodness

What is a Soul Garden? Is it a place to nurture your soul? Is it a garden where inner peace reigns supreme? Well, that is up to your imagination but the Soul Garden Bistro in Alwarpet is definitely one place where your soul will feel nourished with food of excellent quality.

Started in November 2016 by Jignesh Pujara,owner and founder, the Bistro aimed at being the go to place in Alwarpet for good food. They wanted to make sure that customers have an a dining experience in which, no matter at what time you come in, you will get a good meal. At 3pm, you need to eat lunch that was delayed due to a meeting? Lunch service at all other places is over. Head down to Soul Garden.

The ambiance of the place is set in warm soothing tones of orange and brown. Fun Food facts and food puns fill the walls inside the Bistro. Overall, you will feel a sense of cozy charm.

The garden seating area has splashes of green that make you breathe in deeply (which is a very good thing). Having both outdoor and indoor seating areas allows you to have a relaxed experience no matter what the weather is like.

A menu that is vegetarian may sound boring to you now, but trust us; it is not boring at all. Vegetarian food done right is more than enough to satisfy the mind body and soul. That is what they are after. Once you taste the vibrancy that comes from treating vegetables with respect in the kitchen, you will want it repeatedly. Mr.Pujara handles all operations and takes great care in working with the Head Chef Manikandan in creating unique recipes based on classic favourites. A new range of vegan dishes is also in the pipeline.

A wide range in the menu allows global cuisine to shine through in many ways. It also allows the customer to mix and match the dishes that they prefer for each course of their meal. Any other Indian vegetarian restaurant you go to, will have a limited option of the kinds of cuisine you can choose from. At Soul Garden Bistro, you can start in America or Mexico and swiftly move to India or Italy, among other countries.

Plan a surprise birthday for your friend here, Convince a client to come for a meeting here, gather round your family with a board game and food to suit everyone’s tastes. With so much on offer in at Soul Garden, you will keep coming back.

They are also planning a new section in the menu that will have classic breakfast dishes from all over India and the world.

Look at some of the shining stars of the eatery:

Zucchini Chips & Nachos with Salsa

Crisp fresh zucchini that has been coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried till golden, seasoned with herbs. Served with a Garlic mayonnaise and Peri Peri aioli.

Crunchy Nachos doused in a zingy house made Salsa that is full of punchy tomato flavour and smothered with cheese and grilled.

Chilli Cheese Garlic Toast & Falafel

Even though it is a Cheese toast, this is a light snack or starter with a hint of garlic in the cheese.

We favoured the Falafel as our favourite starter. A good falafel requires a deft touch and this one is spot on!Served with a drizzle of Tahini on top and house made Hummus on the side.

Tomato Basil Soup & Ceasar Salad

Both these classics have been put on a pedestal at Soul Garden by simply treating them with the utmost respect. The  freshest tomatoes and basil give you the purest unadultrated flavour in the soup. No dilutuion, no gimmicks, this is how it was meant to be. Vibrant and delicious.

The Ceasar Salad gets a light fresh makeover. The dressing is flavourful without being heavy.The shaved Parmesan cheese on top adds another layer of great flavour and texture.

Pesto Pasta

Made from scratch, the Pesto used for this beautiful pasta is the hero of the dish. Its all in the sauce.The gorgeous sauce.

Veg Biriyani

A very familiar dish that is capable of giving you a very warm and cozy feeling. The unique thing about this Biriyani though is that it is very light. Not in a boring bland way, but in the way it has been prepared. All the spices are allowed to immerse in the  rice over a slow cooking time and the vegetables are taken just till the point where they hold their character.

Veg Exotic Peri Peri Pizza

The pièce de résistance of the kitchen. The most popular item on the menu, this thin crust pizza loaded full of veggies and topped with Nachos and their famous Peri peri aioli. Lip smackingly scrumptious.

Keep watching this space for we will be introducing you to Soul Garden’s wacky but brilliant sibling soon: the 196° Below Dessert Lab

Soul Garden Bistro is located at No.14, Ananda Road, Alwarpet, Adjacent to Oyster Kids Montisori School, Opp to Danzza Dance Studio, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018. Phone: 044 4514 5433