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Sorry PETA, Oreos Aren’t Vegan


Recently, PETA came out with a with a bit of a controversial tweet (so, just another day at the office for them).

However, it turns out that (like many of their sometimes questionable tweets) this may, in fact, be untrue. According to this Twitter exchange, they even got called out on it.

Of course, we couldn’t take Twitter’s word for it, so we some digging (aka Googling until we found this article by Delish).  Recently, an FAQ from Oreo’s U.K. site started circulating. It asks “Is Oreo suitable for Vegans?” and answers “No, Oreo have milk as cross contact and therefore are not suitable for vegans.” Push past the British grammar and vocabulary, and focus: Cross contact means that a food might come into contact with another food during production — maybe two different products are made on the same machine — so Oreos can’t be quality-controlled for traces of milk. Whoops, sorry PETA, better luck next time.

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