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Sorry Guys, Burger King’s Chocolate Whopper Is Probably Just An April Fools Prank


If you’ve been on social media this week, there is no doubt that you’ll have seen some strange things (like UberEATS anti-aging ice cream, yeah right). However, Burger King fans in the subcontinent may be a bit dismayed when they discover that the Chocolate Whopper could be nothing but an April Fools Day prank.

The all-dessert Whopper is made with chocolate cake buns, a chocolate “beef” patty, raspberry syrup for the ketchup, rings of white chocolate as the onions, milk chocolate as the lettuce, vanilla frosting as what we presume is mayo, and candied blood oranges are in place of tomatoes.

The first glimpse that it could be a prank was the cheeky responses given by the Burger King India Facebook page as well as the caption “Introducing the Chocolate Whopper. Coming soon. Maybe.” While all the evidence certainly points toward the Chocolate Whopper being a prank (albeit a very elaborate one), go ahead Burger King, prove us wrong!

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