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Sorry, Elon Musk. I’m not shifting to Mars unless I get


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]pace X has is doing a marvelous job in creating rockets that let us have a round trip from Earth to the ISS space station.

So, Elon Musk, your offer is kind. But here’s a list of food I want to eat before I hitch a ride on your fancy space rocket.

1. Pizza ice cream 

Is your intent to save time, or are you just brilliant? Mashing main course, or staple diet if I’m frank, and dessert into a bundle of pure bliss has got to be the dish that will take over the world one day.

pizza ice cream

2. Fried salad

Salads are boring.

There, I said it.

But by adding a few drops of oil and stir frying it, salads can finally be redeemed in the eyes of foodies. It’ll finally be a plausible option on the menu.

fried salad

3. Zero-calories lasagna 

Now, I’m just building castles in the air. But if a trip to another planet were possible, surely making a zero-calorie lasagna ought to be probable. Imagine the possibilities. You wouldn’t have to share anymore, and you could add all those ingredients that you swore to your Weighing Scale machine that you would never lay eyes on.

zero-calories pizza

4. Wafer cakes 

‘Hey Mom, I want this!’

Here’s another combination you thought you didn’t need till you read this post. It tastes like heaven in your mind, doesn’t it? It could be the perfect balance of spicy, crunchy and sweet.

wafer cakes

5. Healthy junk food

No, not by adding more vegetables.

Do you remember all those fattening food your gym teacher warned you against? Well, they need to come back, without the guilt and with double the awesomeness. That includes French fries, burgers, or basically fried anything!

healthy junk food

6. Salted Popsicle

You don’t want your kid to get a sugar rush, do you?

Salted Popsicle can be for those when you want to have a little snack and brighten up your mood.

salted popsicles

7. Muffin ketchup

Am I being unreasonable?

Perhaps, but if there are ketchup marcoons then why not have ketchup muffins? It can give a good tang to the general flavors of the muffin.

muffinn ketchup