Something’s Brewing At Gateway Taproom This Summer

Something’s Brewing At Gateway Taproom This Summer

While the humidity in the city does not allow us to have a picnic outdoors, there’s no stopping us from doing it at Gateway Taproom. Keeping the theme in mind, the taproom is all set to bring the good old childhood days but of course with a dash of alcohol to give out adult minds a little chill. Starting today, the picnic commences for a whole month with cold brews, delish sandwiches, refreshing salad jars and lip smacking cocktails. Let the summer vacations begin!

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer

Gateway Taproom, along with their array of amazing brews, brings you two special ones this summer – Time Please and Picnic Ale. Enjoy meaty sandwiches along with them as you pick from ‘Slick Chick’ – creamy smoked chicken salad with jalapeno in a dinner style waffle; ‘Duck Banh Mi’ – pulled duck confit with Asian slaw in a baguette; ‘Meaty Melt’ – lamb meatballs with marinara sauce & melted mozzarella in a toasted baguette; the ‘Texan Massacre’ – shredded pork in tamarind barbeque sauce with cucumber in a sourdough bread; ‘Gateway’s Cubano’ – Italian mortadella and gouda cheese grilled & pressed in ciabatta and finally the ‘Beefy Stripper’ – tenderloin strips with sliced onions topped with peppery gravy & melted mozzarella in a multigrain bread.

There’s also the ‘The Big Po’boy’ – batter fried shrimp tossed in Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce with gherkins in a buttered baguette for those who love seafood. They’ve also got ‘Sour Zeus’ – grilled aubergine & greek feta layered with basil pesto hummus, tomato, onions & arugula in a sourdough bread or the ‘Shroombatta’ – slow cooked mushroom ragout & melted mozzarella on ciabatta for them vegetarians. The refreshing salad jars of ‘The Greek Geek’ – feta, olives & sundried tomatoes with peppers in a tangy herbed dressing; ‘Cocktail Party’  – prawn & avocado cocktail in old school Thousand Island dressing or the ‘Parma Rhapsody’ – water & muskmelon wrapped in parma ham on skewers are perfect with the ‘wiches.

Drink up some refreshing cocktails with the scrumptious food at Gateway Taproom. Choose from their summer specials like the gin-based ‘Green Sunshine’ or ‘Eve’s Potion’ with vodka, apple, rosemary, ginger & lime. You can also pick rejuvenating mocktails like ‘Captain Cool’ with fresh cucumber and lime, or ‘Kiwi Rush’ with kiwi, lime and soda. So head to BKC soon and bring back those ‘Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer’.


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