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Someone Spread A Rumor For April Fools Day That Starbucks Was Testing Boba


In the week leading up to April Fools Day, there have certainly been some strange announcements causing everyone to be on the alert for #fakenews. However, it turns out that even the most cynical can fall for a good April Fools prank, which is exactly what happened when Instagram account @tryitordiet reposted a picture uploaded by @foodwithBecca (now @beckatiffanie) of Starbucks testing Boba.

The picture racked up a mean almost 15k likes with many Instagrammers commenting super excited about the prospect of boba and Starbucks together (just go through the comments, heartbreaking stuff). However, after Foodbeast did some serious detective work on the issue, it looks as though it was nothing but a cruel April Fools prank.

Finally, the Instagram user who started it all admitted that it was a prank through her stories and deleted the Starbucks + boba post from her account leaving hundreds of Starbucks and Boba fans highly disappointed.

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