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Solari Cooker Uses The Sun To Cook Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Meals


We’re becoming more and more focused on clean eating, so it makes sense that clean cooking was the next item on the agenda. Meet the Solari cooker; a lightweight, portable solar powered cooker, that was designed by Bodin Hon.

Hon designed the cooker for his Masters project at the Istituo Europeo di Design as an example of sustainable cooking. Although it is still in early stages the contraption shows promise; the cooker is mafe out of cast aluminium that heats up when exposed to sunlight. It also comes with a fold out stand that you can prop the cooker on.


As an added advantage, the cooker is fairly small and so becomes easily portable. The Solari could soon replace Barbeque grills and stoves simply because it is so convenient!

Read more about the Solari from Hon himself here and watch a video demonstrating how to use it below!