SOHO Club Opening At The Ashok Hotel

The perfect party hub for the Nightcrawlers, Soho on Ashoka road shall be the newest gems to the crown of nightclubs. With a perfect ambiance and setting, the place is deemed to be one of the best party places in town. With a majestic ambiance to add the charm and value, Soho is the place you should head to when you are club hopping the next time. 

Get ready to witness a bold and luxurious nightclub at The Ashok which not only has a grandeur setting but also the best in town, State of the art sound system which gives every night the boost it needs. As for the Gastronomy of the place, it’s bringing to the town, a platter full of infinite possibilities in the form of flavors from the worldly kitchen. They also have a variety of modern fusion cocktails in store.

Who doesn’t like being hooked to a few good things and many great things? While you still are trying your chances of reaching the best place which can serve you the good, better and the best – It is showtime and the perfect one to get #Sohooked.

Address: The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri 
The club would be open to public on 1st of February.  It would just be operational on Friday & Saturday, every week.


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