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Which Aerated Drink Do You Usually Drink? #POLL


Though many health experts and dieticians may advise you otherwise – and rightly so – it is all right to indulge in a can or two of aerated drinks once in a while. Aerated drinks or soda has been a part of popular culture right from the day it hit market shelves, thanks to the eye-catching slogans, imagery and ad commercials that tagged along with them. *Fido Dido flashback*

And although the elder generation (at least in India) first thinks of names like ‘Goldspot’, ‘Campa Cola’ and ‘ThumsUp’ when it comes to fizzy drinks but we usually romanticise the term ‘soda’ with Coke and Pepsi, there are a number of other sodas to fizz out our tongues with. Even companies like Bisleri have now forayed into the aerated beverage market with a refreshing new line of flavours, giving the consumer even more options to pick from.

So, which of the gazillion fizzy options in the drinks aisle do you usually guzzle down? Pick your favourite below and let us know.

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