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Social Offline Outlets Will Be Offering Shots For Rs.31 During The Prime Minister’s Speech Today


By now, every Indian would know that Prime Minister Modi is planning to make an address to the nation this New Year’s Eve at 7:30 pm. The last time he did this, demonetisation was announced; many are speculating this will be about the end of the 50 day period following demonetisation.

Of course, many of us will be on our way to or at New Year’s Eve parties. For customers who are planning to ring in the New Year at their outlets across India, Social Offline has an exciting offer.

A Shot For A Word

In an announcement posted on their social media pages, Social Offline said they will be giving patrons a shot or a beer for Rs.31 every time Prime Minister Modi says the word ‘Mitron’.

Of course, some terms and conditions apply; the offer is only valid between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, it can only be claimed 3 times per person and the management reserves the right to withdraw the offer.

From 7pm onwards, Social Offline is throwing #TheLastShindig of 2016.

The offer will be valid at Social outlets across India including Hauz Khas Social, Colaba Social, Todi Mill Social, Church Street Social and the Palladium Social.