Social Media Group Formed By Techie In Bengaluru For Hard Core Foodies

Social Media Group Formed By Techie In Bengaluru For Hard Core Foodies

What began as a Whatsapp group by Naresh Babu, an IT consultant has transformed into a group on Facebook consisting of foodies from Bengaluru. Thindi Potharu which means ‘all things food and food alone’ was the name given to the Whatsapp group which easily reached the limit of 250 people reports the New Indian Express. The founder is a foodie himself and now his large group shares recipes, feeds the needy and even go for food reviews.

Group Of Foodies In Bengaluru

“We decided to change the name of the group when we realised that almost everyone on the group is from Bengaluru and love the local cuisine here. That’s how Thindi Potharu, translating to people who live just for food, came into being,” Naresh Babu told the New Indian Express. “When we started the WhatsApp group, we found that 60-70 per cent of the people on it were homemakers who’d share recipes, which was not engaging to our working and male members. So we encouraged them to post pictures and information from hotels and restaurants they have visited and liked,” he added.

Currently the group has moved on to one on Facebook which now has more than 30,000 members. “We’ve reviewed about 11-12 eateries in the last three months, and each place we’ve visited, we put up a poster reading, ‘Thindi Potharu was here’. Time, place and distance don’t matter – we’ll go anywhere for a good meal,” adds Naresh Babu. The group also plans to launch  Thindi Potharu Habba which are food banks in the form of public refrigerators. “The concept works just like a bank, where people and eateries can deposit the food, and it can be withdrawn by those who need it. Right now, we’re looking for people who can manage these fridges, and plan to install them at four-five locations. Freedom park will be the first one, followed by Basaveshwaranagar,” Naresh Babu told the New Indian Express.