Sniff, Sniff is it rotten? Peres The Food Sniffer will let you know.

Tired of being food poisoned? Want to find out if your meat is fresh? Peres is the way to go. It’s a food sniffing technology that scans your meat for its freshness and lets you know if it’s consumable or not. It’s known as the “the world’s first portable electronic nose” and can be used to detect the quality of virtually any kind of meatpork, beef, chicken and fish.

peres the food sniffer

Peres will even let you know, if all your meat requires is refrigeration. Simply hold the device to your meat and press the one-button. Its sensors will measure the air around the meat for ammonia, temperature, humidity and VOC and sends the readings using Bluetooth to the accompanying mobile app. The app then computes and produces detailed results, complete with recommendations. The ingenious contraption does everything you need and is a life saver for those who don’t have an iron stomach.