Sneak Peek Into Virat Kohli’s ‘Nueva’ Restaurant In Delhi

India’s heart-throb, Virat Kohli, recently opened a South-American cuisine restaurant in Delhi. It is a first-of-its-kind restaurant in India that serves this authentic cuisine. Chef Michael Swamy, a two-time Gourmand award winner, has contributed immensely to this restaurant. The interiors are classy, modern and impressive and if you are a Wine connoisseur, this place is going to be a gold mine for you!

Sneak Peek Into Virat Kohli's 'Nueva' Restaurant In Delhi

What’s on the menu?

Ceviche de Camarones, Sopa Brasilena de Frijol Negro (Brazilian Black Bean Soup), Pariheula (Peruvian Fishermen’s Soup), Spicy mole, Pan-seared Duck Confit with Chilean pear sauce and La Caja de Pinturas (a decadent dessert platter of pink purple raspberry mousse, peppery lemon curd, fresh summery orange curd, decadent spicy chocolate mousse with crisp sponge biscuits) are some the signature dishes. Apart from the unique South American meals known as Pinchos, Cazuelas, Cosa De Pica, Sushis and a lot more, there are also dishes available that draw inspiration from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Japan and Asia.

This place is definitely going to give you some foodgasms! If you are in Delhi, don’t miss out on this insta-worthy restaurant. You might even bump into Virat Kohli there, now isn’t that a plus?

Feature Image Source – TripAdvisor