Have You Been To The Snapchat Café In Delhi Yet?

Social Media and its reach are mushrooming faster than iPhone prices. And with that is growing all things inspired by various social media platforms and trends like hashtags, selfies, and the works. One such space in India’s national Capital is The Snapchat Café, which is a standing ode to the popular image messaging mobile app, Snapchat.


The Space

Located in the thriving Krishna Nagar market, this cozy eatery is decked in the signature yellow of the social media app. And while the café is one of many themed eateries in Delhi, however what sets it apart is the visible dedication to its core theme.

The café’s décor strikes a fair balance between quirky and practical. The restaurant’s walls are covered in bright yellow and oranges niches carved out in the shape of Snap Inc’s iconic ghost logo, which is also slapped across the tables, serving equipment, and more.

Have You Been To The Snapchat Café In Delhi Yet?Image: Zomato


The Food

Meanwhile, Snapchat Café’s menu is an exciting amalgam of all grubs and beverages hot and trending. So you can kick back with instagram-able preparations like supremely over the top freak shakes like the Shake Bomb, Snap Special (a mega freak shake), Unicorn Frappuccinos, Brownie Shakes, and much more. Solid edible, on the other hand, too don’t disappoint with items like loaded burgers, waffles, nachos, pastas, ice creams, and breads on offer.

Also, if you’re in the mood for sending your calorie count for a toss, dig into the Goldstar, which is a freak shake that puts all other shakes to shame with an ice cream cone topped with edible gold propped atop a mason jar filled with milkshake, wafers, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

Have You Been To The Snapchat Café In Delhi Yet?Image: Zomato

So this winter, get snappin’ Delhi!

The Snapchat Café

B-11/1, Lal Quarter, Krishna Nagar

New Delhi-51

+91 9999335966; +91 8800755703


Feature Image (representational image): Delish