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SMOOR, a luxury chocolate brand


SMOOR, a luxury chocolate brand

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s the best time to celebrate the love and devotion of your mother towards you and the rest of your family members. Is your mother a big fan of food? Yet to think of how to make her day special. SMOOR brings you a range of collections that you can choose from to make the day special for your mother.

The product price starts at Rs. 300


Collection Highlights

SMOOR Mother’s Day Organica Bloom Box

Price – Rs. 1,200

A chocolate bouquet with 42 chocolate blossoms in an eco-friendly reusable banana fibre box. This lovely chocolate bouquet makes for the ideal gift for your chocolate-loving Mother.

SMOOR The Queen’s cake

Price – Rs. 1,900

A gorgeous cake fit for the queen of your home with the exotic flavours of lavender, raspberry and white chocolate adorned with mini macarons.

SMOOR Mother’s Day Beauty

Price – Rs. 1,700

Fresh strawberries, pistachios, and cassis jelly combine to make this decadent cake a Mother’s Day classic. She will relish it!

SMOOR The Tower of Treats

Price – Rs. 1,200

Smoor entremets now served in style to match a mother’s sweetness. An absolute inspiration to bring a smile to your Mom’s face. Our little beauties on this aesthetic stand are a gift straight from the heart. Order this beauty now, enhance your dessert experience and make your celebration a memorable one. Each Tower contains 2 nos. each of Hazelnut Choux, Sacher torte, Lemon meringue tart, Belgium Chocolate fudge, Seasonal fresh fruit tarts, Raspberry white chocolate

Other Interesting Options For Mother’s Day

SMOOR Breakfast in Bread Hamper (Box/Basket)

Price – Rs. 1,000 (Box)

Price – Rs 1350 (Basket)

Pamper your mom with this is a limited-edition gift box for Mother’s Day features assorted delights. Contains 2 croissants, 1 Pain au Chocolate, a doughnut, 2 muffins, a cinnamon roll and a bar cake

SMOOR Cupcake Box of 6

Price – Rs. 600

A box 6 of pastel pretty cupcakes

SMOOR Wellness barks -Pack of 4

Price – Rs. 950

A pack of 4 nutritional chocolate bars enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic healing herbs: Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, and Amla. A special gift of health for that very special person in your life: your Mother.

SMOOR Mother’s Day Artistry Hamper (Small/Large)

Price – Rs. 795

A pretty hamper with a jar of SMOOR Freeze Dried Coffee Powder, a pack of SMOOR Wellness Barks, and a pack of SMOOR Chocolate brittle. For the mom who likes all things sweet and beautiful.

SMOOR Mother’s Day Artistry Hamper (Large)

Price – Rs. 1500

A pretty hamper that contains a delicious gift of a mini box of 5 satin-smooth SMOOR couverture chocolates, a pack of SMOOR Roasted Almond Barks, a pack of SMOOR Paprika Cheese Sable and an 80 g chocolate bar.

SMOOR Healthy Chocolate Walnut Cake

Price – Rs. 500

A Mother’s Day classic, SMOOR’s rich Chocolate Walnut cake brings together the hearty crunch walnuts and the playful burst of sweet chocolate chips making for a deliciously healthy gift. This delicious cake is made with whole wheat &jaggery (instead of sugar), contains zero transfats, and is loaded with healthy walnuts.

SMOOR Healthy Banana Walnut Cake

Price – Rs. 500

Bursting with health and taste, the perfect gift for the person who always looks out for you. Bananas and Walnuts come together to create this richly textured, scrumptious baked delight. This cake is made with whole wheat & jaggery (instead of sugar), contains zero transfat and is loaded with healthy walnuts.

SMOOR Stir it up–Pack of 6

Price – Rs. 495

A pack of SMOOR’s signature Hot Chocolate Stir It Up sticks for that perfect cup of hot chocolate. Contains 6 different flavoured sticks. Just pop in the chocolate-on-a-stick in warm milk and stir up great taste.

SMOOR Truly gifted 6 pc box

Price – Rs. 300

A pack of 6 chocolates in a special gift pack for the Mother who loves her chocolates in different flavours.

SMOOR Truly gifted 12 pc box

Price – Rs. 450

A pack of 12 chocolates in a special gift pack. Crunchy cashews, gooey caramel, sweet dates, each chocolate gem is packed with flavours. A perfect gift for your Mother, who loves to have it all.

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