Smoke House Deli Has A New “Drink More Pay Less Menu” And It’s A Steal!
September 6, 2017
Christina George (1184 articles)

Smoke House Deli Has A New “Drink More Pay Less Menu” And It’s A Steal!

If you’ve ever been to Smoke House Deli you’ll know four things: the food is delicious, the service is exemplary, the unlimited cocktails are a steal and the white chairs are heavier than they look. However, everyone’s favorite all white deli is planning to step it up a notch with a new ‘Drink More Pay Less Menu’ (as if we didn’t have enough reasons to go broke there already).

The new menu features alcoholic beverages (sorry teetotallers) for a steal as the price per unit rapidly decreases as the quantity you order increases. It gives you the options of buying 1, 3, or 6 (honestly, it’s a no brainer). For example, if you were to order one 30 ml of Blender’s Pride it would cost you Rs. 180, however, if you buy six you pay a total of Rs. 760. That’s a saving of over 300 bucks!

While the prices vary from drink to drink, rest assured that in any case, you will be getting a bargain. Although this awesome menu only seems to be available in the Indiranagar outlet, for now, we don’t see that as an excuse not to get your drink on. After all, the more you save, the more you can drink!

Date: 4th September 2017 – 31st October 2017

Place: Smoke House Deli, Indiranagar

For More Information: Call – 080 4051 5151

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Christina George

Christina George

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