Smirnoff & Guinness Got Married At An English Pub!

In an interesting blend of sorts, an English pub decided to quench their thirst for alcopop and beer in one go. Located in Skegness, England, the pub calls it ‘The Badger’.

The Marine Boathouse pub in Skegness shared pictures of the controversial cocktail on its Facebook page over the weekend to huge interest.


Looks & Make

The Badger is made of half a pint of Smirnoff Ice and half a pint of Guinness, with the latter floating on top of the pint.

Although, the looks of this drink look rather enticing (what with the Smirnoff Ice sitting heavy at the bottom like Irish cream), we have our doubts about indulging in a beverage that contains both beer and vodka.AL0282



Opinions seem to be split down on whether the drink is a work of brilliance or pure and simple atrocity against Ireland’s most famous stout.

The drink gathered massive media attention on social media through the weekend. And we can’t help but admit that a sip of The Badger wouldn’t hurt.zzzGuinnessSmirnoffIce_large


What say?