Smartphone, Smart Watch, time for a Smart Belt.

Joey won’t need his pregnancy pants for Thanksgiving this year!

What’s this we hear about a belt that’s smarter than the average belt? 

Belty is a belt, of course, that connects with your smartphone and lets you know when you’ve eaten a little too much. Not only does it deliver this unpleasant news, but it also stretches accordingly and makes way for dessert. Belty will keep an eye on your fitness activity and the stretching of your waistline too. No, it won’t try to tuck in your tummy. 

According to those who saw it first, the belt makes you look like you’re wearing a strip off your audio speaker on your waist. Um. Fashion disaster, much? But we’re told that better versions of the belt will meet us by the end of 2015, as the parent company partners with Paris’ leather manufacturers.