In Our ‘Smart-Everything’ World, This Shake-Resistant and Completely Spill-Proof Spoon Is Genius


We live in a ‘smart’ world dominated by smart phones, smart watches, smart cards, and other ‘smart’ inventions designed to make life easier. Meet the ‘smart spoon’ designed by Liftware that is Shake-Resistant and Completely Spill-Proof.


The folks at Liftware designed this spoon keeping in mind that the most impressive smart technology can become inaccessible to those with limited physical mobility. Often, people with physical disabilities like a spinal cord injury, stroke or Huntington’s disease find everyday tasks such as eating difficult. Hence, Verily Life Sciences is working to bring smart technology for those who need it most, in the form of kitchen utensils. 


The smart spoon or the Liftware Level is designed to allow people to regain confidence and focus on the most important parts of every meal — the food, and the people. This invention should be considered a breakthrough for those struggling with physical limitations. This is the world’s first spill-proof smart utensil that analyzes a users hand and arm position, and counteracts the effects of hand tremors and other involuntary movements.


Introduced to the public in the beginning of December, The Liftware Level Starter Kit is now available for $195 on its website, and is expected to ship before the holidays.