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Skullduggery Truly Took Over Our Taste Buds At Ek Bar, Delhi


Skullduggery, a Kuala Lumpur based bar, recently took over Ek Bar, Delhi and we obviously couldn’t pass on the opportunity to experience the innovative and delicious cocktails that were being created by James Estes, Director of Mixology for the Huckleberry Hospitality Group and Head bartender, Abel Sukau.

In our one-on-one conversation with James, he told us that the pop-menu had been carefully curated by him keeping in mind the Indian taste and still making sure we got a taste of the exotic South Asian flavours right here in Delhi. He recommended we try the Tamarinda which was tequila based with pink grapefruit, lime, tamarind, vanilla, mint and soda. (Watch the live preparation of the cocktail right here). The drink was super smooth and surely gave us a taste of Malaysia.

Some of the other cocktails on the menu included Sake It To Me, vodka, lemongrass, sake, calamansi (a citrus fruit), jasmine, Himalayan pink salt, and tropical pepper; Bunga Raya Club, gin, lemon, rice wine, hibiscus and chickpea; Keluarga, white rum, lime, coconut, pandan (a tropical plant), and ginger and Mandarin Old Fashioned, bourbon whiskey, mandarin and white chocolate.

We paired our cocktail with Ek Bar’s signature Mutton Seekh Kebab which was absolutely melt-in-the-mouth delicious! This was second in the series of extremely well-curated collaborations and we can’t wait for what’s in store for the next one already.