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Six Sauces that are a welcome addition to your Repertoire


There’s a reason that the phrase “awesome sauce” got coined. It’s because a good sauce can transform a mediocre meal to a culinary delight.  They can even be used to prepare full meals provided you add a few tweaks. Have a dish you don’t feel like chewing, pour sauce all over it and voila – you have a dish you can’t wait to have again.

So apart from the “mother” sauces – mostly the French sauces from where all other sauces are derived from, we have come up with a list of 6 sauces that you would love to whip up in times of dire need. Or just any other day.

A Soy-Based Asian Sauce

Soy is normally the base ingredient for a lot of Asian Sauces. There’s a number of sauces you can make with Soy, like the Chinese sweet and sour sauce, Japanese Teriyaki Sauce, Korean kalbi and a lot more. Depending on the other ingredients you add, each sauce has a distinct flavour. Watch videos for making Teriyaki sauce and our favourite Chinese brown sauce.

Barbeque Sauce

No grilled meal is complete without Barbeque sauce. It adds a distinctive flavour to your meat or vegetables. If you enjoy the convenience pick it up from the store, but there’s nothing like making your sauce from scratch.

Hot Sauce

You can always buy your hot sauce from the nearest store, but making your own sauce with fresh ingredients and suitable to your taste is the way to go. Use it in your sandwiches or while trying your hand out at Mexican dishes.


This is actually the “mother” of white sauces, but it’s such a must-know that we couldn’t help add it. There is a lot of work that goes into Hollandaise, but thanks to Julia Child we have the simpler version below.


Yes, your favourite curry is technically a sauce. Coconut milk, yoghurt or chilli paste can be used to create the base for the curry sauce. The territories of curry ranges far and wide, but try a basic curry sauce recipe here.









Green Sauce

Sauces don’t need to be red, white or brown? Sauces made from fresh greens or herbs are amazing too! Try out this green sauce and tell us how it was.