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Sir Ian McKellen Makes The Most Gorgeous Scrambled Eggs


It is not unusual for stars and celebrity chefs to share recipes and cooking tips via social media. But it isn’t everyday that a superstar legend like Sir Ian McKellen walks us through his special scrambled eggs recipe, which he also claims are “the best in the world”. And we’d dare not contest that.

The X-Men actor takes us through a simple three-ingredient recipe in the video. And trust his charms to add in some precious little snippets of advice like “listening to the radio or chatting with your beloved while you cook your eggs”. All this in that flawless British accent.

TBH, this is the first time I’ve seen someone cook scrambled eggs in a pot. And while on any other occasion, I would’ve simply replicated the recipe in a pan; this one deserves to be made as is. Because Gandalf said so.

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