Sipping On Lip Smacking Cocktails At Glenfiddich DBX Experiments In Mumbai

Sipping On Lip Smacking Cocktails At Glenfiddich DBX Experiments In Mumbai

The vibe at Koko in Mumbai is hip and happening with the lively music, creative décor pieces and a bar area right at the heart of the restaurant. As we entered the place to enjoy yet another event put together by Glenfiddich we found ourselves stupefied at the bar scene.

Glenfiddich Brings Legends Of The Desert To Mumbai

We were told that the best of Dubai’s mixologists will be coming down to Mumbai and will experiment with lovely single malt – Glenfiddich. What we were surprised to find was that not only were they experimenting but also having a gala time fixing up heady concoctions for everyone present there. Within a minute of arriving I had two drinks in my hands.

All the drinks we tasted were absolutely delightful, one had a gorgeous blend of spices and secret mixes brought in by the mixologists of Dubai while another had citrusy notes that can make for a zesty afternoon cocktail. The fact we enjoyed the most was how Glenfiddich was used beautifully in these mixes and the single malt flavour shined through in each of them.

We were being served sumptuous Gyozas, Dimsums, Sushi and loads of appetizers by the servers at Koko as we sipped onto these merry drinks. The party was a rocking one and we loved the creativity factor which is present in all the events conducted by Glenfiddich. Each time we come back from them we return with new notes and nuances of the smooth malt and have come to enjoy it all the more!