Sip The Wine Before You Buy At The Wine Table Mumbai

Sip The Wine Before You Buy At The Wine Table Mumbai

Oenophiles know their wine and are even proud about it. But not all expensive wines are great. So how does one pick up a bottle to gift someone or even enjoy a glass or two at home? Moreover, how does one know whether or not a particular wine would go with the kind of food being prepared? All these questions are answered in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere at The Wine Table by Moksh Sani.

Wine Tastings

“Wine does not have to be expensive to be good. My aim with The Wine Table is to make wine accessible, approachable and most importantly, affordable”, says Moksh Sani who also owns Living Liquids, a reputed retail beverage company. We went to The Wine Table located at Bandra to have a glimpse of this small yet perfect place to sip on some wines and enjoy the food. And that is just what any person looking for the right wine can do. Amongst their 450 varieties of wine, we tried three from India and three from South Africa.

Pairing Food And Wine

The wines that we tried were red, white and rose each from the brands Raaya and Ren. While the Ren wines had more subtle flavours in all three kinds, Raaya had robust, complex flavours. The Indian wines could easily be paired with spicy, masala food and the Raaya from South Africa would go beautifully with pastas, cheese and lightly tossed seafood. What we experience throughout the tasting was that we were being guided every step of the way by the team at The Wine Table. Truly a welcome change for a person who has developed a taste for wine and wants to explore more.

We paired these luscious wines with some nibblers like Herb marinated Bocconcini, Bruschetta Quiche Florentine, and Warm Prawns with Lemon and Tarragon with Saffron Aioli. These went beautifully with the wines served to us by a friendly staff and the dishes were quite delicious. Out of the three dishes we absolutely loved the Quiche Florentine and Bruschetta which went really well with the robust Raaya red wine. You too can enjoy selecting a wine this way. All you need to do is head to The Wine Table, sit, relax, order an appetizer and let the staff guide you with the wine pairing.


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