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Sip Like The Stars With These Cold Brew Recipes Created by Lavazza


Cold Brew is all the rage right now, and it’s no secret why! Now, you can make your own delicious cold brew, right at home thanks to Lavazza! The coffee-infused beverages are specially made with Lavazza’s new, sustainably-sourced ¡TIERRA! Colombia cold brew. Available in the US starting this year and made with 100% washed Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, the unique blend is characterized by a sweet and smooth taste and a rich body.

• Cherry Cold Brew Lemonade: combines Lavazza ¡TIERRA! Colombia cold brew with lemonade and black cherry syrup for a slight sweet and delicious fruity coffee experience
• Nutty Nitro: fuses Lavazza ¡TIERRA! Colombia Nitro blend with notes of nut from hazelnut syrup and almond milk

Cherry Cold Brew Lemonade

For the cold brew coffee
• 29 fl oz water
• 4.4 oz moka pot coffee

For the cherry lemonade
• 8.8 oz sour cherry syrup
• 13 oz bottled lemonade
• 4 sliced sour cherries
• 14 fl oz diluted cold brew (1 to 1) (6.8 fl oz pure cold brew + 6.8 fl oz water)
• 1 glass of crushed ice


Prepare the cold brew coffee and leave it to brew in cold water for about 12 hours.
Next, filter it using a dampened and squeezed-out cloth or paper filter. Fine and large mesh strainers will provide different results, so use the method that best suits your taste.
Take 6.8 fl oz of the pure cold brew coffee and add 6.8 fl oz of water.
Pour 5.3 oz of the prepared cherry lemonade into each glass with 3.5 oz of diluted cold brew.

Pour the bottled lemonade and the sour cherry syrup into a large jug and mix well.
Fill a glass with crushed ice and pieces of sour cherry.
Pour 5.3 oz of cherry lemonade and 3.5 oz of the diluted cold brew into each glass.

Nutty Nitro

• 3 oz Nitro Cold Brew
• 1 oz hazelnut syrup eg. Monin, Torani, Fabbri
• 5 oz almond milk
• 3 oz ice cubes

Fill the 12oz glass halfway with ice cubes.
Pour the hazelnut syrup and the almond milk.
Top off with Nitro Cold Brew. Serve.

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