Sip On The Delightful Cocktails On Offer At SodaBottleOpenerWala

We all know SodaBottleOpenerWala as that delightful restaurant with an Irani Cafe feel and killer Parsi food. However, they are also home to some amazing ‘exotic’ (their word, not mine) cocktails with quirky names that sound oh, so delicious.

The variety of cocktails, some heady, some subtle, all have different flavor profiles and combinations that cater to every mood and fancy. These are made using fresh, seasonal fruits, international techniques and a touch of Bombay-Parsi style. Their mixologists have prepared seven cocktails with their own story and style.

Sip On The Delightful Cocktails On Offer At SodaBottleOpenerWalaMumma nu Double Dose, a sour style drink is a new age Parsi cocktail with double measures of rum and whisky steeped in a lovely saffron and date flavour, which is then mixed with beaten eggs. The BumSuckerWala is mixed with vodka, frozen raspberry, and thyme and is an ode to this wonderful Parsi family from Karachi who made drinking Raspberry Soda popular there.

Maushi chi, is an easy sipping cocktail made by adding tequila to SBOW’s pineapple flavoured home brew mix is inspired by Bandra’s Aunty’s bars famous in the 60’s and the 70’s for serving bootlegged stuff. Magic Tea is an enchanting concoction of spiced rum mixed with a homemade brew and peach flavoured ice tea.

Sip On The Delightful Cocktails On Offer At SodaBottleOpenerWalaFinding Frenny a smooth gin-and-tonic spritzer with wonderful aromas of sliced seasonal fruit and cucumber is served in a wine glass. Old Bawa has Whisky/Bourbon mixed with maple syrup, bitters, and fresh apple juice and is SBOW’s take on the classic cocktails, Treacle and Old Fashioned. Bombay Julep is an addictive mix of rum with jardaloo (apricot) and honey with tapped mint leaves, served in a traditional julep glass.

But that’s not all, SBOW also has come out with some delicious shooters Maja ma life which is rum with jaggery and a burnt orange flavor; Limbu Marke is vodka with lime juice and a lovely note from hazelnuts; Choco Levanu has baileys, kahlua, cream, and chocolate. But, according to SBOW you can’t touch the glass with your hands! Challenge accepted!