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In Singapore, Starbucks Is Serving The Cold Brew In Mason Jars


Some call mason jars a hipster trend, but what it really is that it’s just a cute way to drink your juice or water or whatever your preference is. Granted, it’s become a lot more popular because of the hipster way of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hipster thing. Everybody uses them for different things ranging from cocktails to smoothies and milkshakes and things in between.

But now Starbucks is using mason jars for something even more awesome in Singapore. The coffee brand recently announced their Cold Brew menu and while introducing it into Singapore, they’re offering it to customers in mason jars as opposed to the standard drinking glasses. And these mason jars are limited edition, obviously.

The jars have the iconic Starbucks logo and if the promotional images are anything to go by, the lids are screw-tops that makes it even better to drink out of and also use later on.

For the environmentally conscious Starbucks customers, this is a huge deal because the plastic and paper cups are now being temporarily replaced by reusable glass. While this isn’t the first time that Starbucks is doing this, it’s definitely a nice change to their usual presentations.

There’s no word on whether or not these mason jars will spread to other parts of the world as of yet, but everyone is waiting patiently to get their hands on these. If you live in Singapore, you can get these mason jars for S$8.90 or S$5.90.


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