This Singapore Restaurant Prides Itself With A Sridevi Doll

Move over Sridevi fans because the biggest follower of the actress is a couple in Singapore. Owner of an authentic Indian restaurant named Delhi Restaurant, which is situated in Singapore’s Serangoon Road and Race Course Road localities, the couple has adorned their eatery with an adorable Sridevi doll that bears uncanny resemblance to the actor!

The information and an image of the doll decked in a green saree and studs all over its ensemble and hair was shared by Twitter user @tapan_kp.

The English Vinglish actor and her husband, film producer Boney Kapoor, beamed with delight upon finding out about Sridevi’s porcelain look alike. “There are restaurants and shops named after her in India and abroad. It just shows her enduring stardom”, said Boney Kapoor.

“What can I say? I am humbled and of course overjoyed. If after so many years in the film industry, people still think of me and use my name in such a sweet and complimentary way, I can only say I am blessed. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts after 50 years of acting”, said the actress, immensely touched by the kind gesture.

As mentioned by her, Sridevi Kapoor has been in the Indian film industry for a little over five decades, having acted in super hits like Mr. India, Challbaaz, Sadma, and many more. And given her remarkable filmography and continual contribution to the movie industry, it’s not surprising to see people paying homage to the actress even today.


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