Singapore Parliament Makes Stricter Rules For Food Labelling

In July, FSSAI made stringent changes in food labels and now the Singapore parliament is reportedly making similar changes too. The concern here is that the government intends that consumers can make an informed choice on what they’re going to purchase.

Consumers To Make Informed Decision

Singaporean government’s decision shows that there is rising concerns about food safety amongst consumes. According to Today Online, Singapore government has passed stringent norms on labelling and advertising giving special emphasis to baby food like instant milk formula. These norms were announced on Tuesday along with provisions for quicker recalls.

These amends to the Sale of Food Act (SoFA) came about because the authorities do not want the parents to be “unduly swayed into paying more for certain products due to aggressive or potentially misleading marketing”, said Dr Koh to the publication. “Certain claims and images on tins create the impression, even when scientific evidence is weak, that these products can somehow do more for children,” he added.