Sikkim is Posed to Become India’s First Fully Organic State By The End of This Year

“If a small state like Sikkim can do it, why can’t we dream of developing the whole of the Northeast as an organic region?”

This statement, made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a budget session, was greeted with whole hearted applause from the Parliament. Similarly, we’d like to take off our hats to the small state of Sikkim, which has been a pioneer of the organic farming movement in India. 

The Sikkim Organic Movement 


In 2003, Sikkim established their “Sikkim Organic Movement 2015”, which aimed to make Sikkim a fully organic state by the end of 2015. Today, over 40% of the state’s hectares of farmland are organic. 

One Step At A Time


From the movement’s conception, Sikkim had banned the use of all chemical fertilisers and pest controls. It focused on using organic farming as a means to better the economic prospects for farmers, as well as to draw attention to the state through ventures such as organic tourism. The state also conducts several events, such as flower festivals and organic trade fares to highlight their mission. 

Sikkim aims to supply high valued produce to India, as well as to the rest of the world. Having already drawn international praise and the attention of the government at the Centre, their mission to become fully organic by the end of this year may very well succeed, establishing them as an example for other Indian states to look at.