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Sikhs In Peshawar Go Viral For Serving Iftar To Muslims


It’s one controverting world that we live in. Where one half of the globe is burning in hate, crime, and gunpowder, there is another corner on the planet that is balancing out the terrorism with their communal harmony and love for fellow human beings. This weekend, a group of Sikhs in Pakistan defied all “norms” of religion and politics by serving Iftar to Muslims in what is being touted as the “lesser known side of Peshawar”.

In a picture that went viral after being uploaded on Twitter this Saturday, a handful of Sikh men can be seen serving fasting Muslims. Peshawar, which has commonly been referred to as a terror hotspot in Pakistan, was positively surprised by this simple yet groundbreaking act of love of brotherhood. Needless to say, the images and the actions of this Sikh community in Pakistan have gone viral with people across the globe lauding their efforts at a more peaceful existence.

The Sikhs were seen pouring out chilled Rooh Afza and milk at the iftari while their fasting brethren were overwhelmed to break their Ramazan fast in such a unique way. Take a look.

However, the act, in retrospect, is not heroic. Hear me out before judging. Think of it this way, is giving food to a person who has been fasting really such a major deal? Why are we celebrating and gleaming with sheer joy over an act as simple as one person serving food to another? It is only normal to give food to anyone, really. But, that said, at a time when a chunk of the world’s religious and political leaders are hell bent upon slashing up the world in blood-smeared borders, the act is nothing short of epic either! Much like what Kerala recently experienced.


Feature Image: YouTube

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