Show Your Frappucino Love in Emojis

Calling all Starbucks lovers…

In a time when everything gets reduced down to abbreviations and shortforms, Starbucks has released their very own emoji keyboard, available for iOS and Android right now. Apt for those that prefer talking in emojis rather than using full words and sentences. One emoji says it all.

Stop using the standard coffee emoji on your devices and start using this. There are emojis for various Starbucks drinks, plus a few traditional emojis with a Starbucks twist to it. You’ve got the ‘winking emoji’ drinking Starbucks and the ‘dancing lady’ holding up a Starbucks cup. And let’s not forget the purple unicorn getting his drink on, because this might just be the best new addition.


Perfect for the summer and the return of their season S’mores Frappucino (only in United States and Canada), this keyboard is the best addition.

You can use these emojis in your iMessaging, WhatsApp, emails, texts or Facebook messages.