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Should You Drink Fruit Juice Or Eat Fruits?


It’s pretty easy to knock back 400-500 mL of fruit juice isn’t it? But have you ever thought about how many pieces of fruit it takes to make the average fruit juice? Juice is pretty easy to drink in large amounts without realising, because it lacks the fibre whole fruit has, which helps us feel full.

Since fruit juice lacks this fibre and is in a liquid form, it requires little to no digestion, therefore causing greater spikes in blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied quickly. Look past health claims like:-

1. No Added Sugar 
There might be ‘no added sugar’ but the sugar from fruit itself is still very much there! Remember the body doesn’t discriminate between different types of sugar!

2.Good source of Vitamin C
Don’t make fruit juice a way of achieving your vitamin C requirements! Vitamin C is easy to achieve with real fruit.

DON’T fear the sugar in fruit instead be mindful of consuming fruit juices that provide little to no fibre. Just like with anything the portion you consume is important.

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