At This Shop In Bangalore, You Can Buy Anything You Want Even If You Don’t Have Money

No, we aren’t joking. This isn’t a make-believe shop either. It exists right in Namma Bengaluru. 


The shop is located in Bharat Golf View Apartments on Old Airport Road in Bengaluru. 

grocery shopping  

What makes the shop special? 

The shop has no storekeeper. That’s right. There’s no one there at the cash counter. In fact, you don’t even need to pay immediately. The shop runs exclusively on trust. The customer has to deposit money in piggy banks or can even pay whenever they want to. If you’re low on funds, or haven’t had time to pop into the ATM before buying your much needed eggs for breakfast the next day, this might be the answer for you! 

grocery shopping 2

Who runs this incredible store? 

PC Mustafa, the founder of the popular iD products runs this shop which are often called ‘Trust Shops’. According to Mustafa, “When we went to apartment associations with this concept, there was skepticism and disbelief. But post installation, residents have taken to it and given us positive feedback on how the Trust Shop is a reminder of a value that seems to have been lost in today’s world. It’s also convenient since they have 24×7 access to fresh food.”

Do people pay? 

Surprisingly enough, yes. Mustafa says that the collections are on average around 90%, but on some days, rises to 100% and above. 

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