Which Of These Shooters Is Your Party Bet? #POLL

With the weekend just around the corner, it’s time we got our poisons sorted out. So, while all the fashionistas are picking out their LBDs and bow-ties, let us indulge in the one thing that brings us – that is, the “high spirited” – to party: alcohol. No, we are not alcoholics, but we do like ourselves a couple of those poisonous shooters when we let our hair down.

Shooters are great, you get the alcohol, you get a little flavour, and let’s be honest, the adrenaline and sudden hit of spirits can really lift up the spirits. Of course, there are a variety of shooters that the bartender can shake up in order to match each palate and liver capacity. And just in case, you’re devoid of a good bartender here’s how you can whip up some amazing shooters at your upcoming holiday party.

shots infographic

Speaking of, which of these is your favourite party shooter? Are a sober and light kamikaze person, a flavour-loving B52 guzzler, or simply like your shots neat? Vote and let us know!

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