Shivajinagar Promises Mouth-Watering Kebabs For Bangaloreans

Kebabs are traditionally to be enjoyed only along the streets. Having kebabs in fancy restaurants masks the essence of how they are to be truly enjoyed. With a nice hot cup of Sulemeni Chai to go along with a bite of deliciously marinated kebabs in the perfect way to spend an evening. 

Shivajinagar is one of the few places serving kebabs at all times of the night. After a night of partying, it is the best to visit Shivajinagar on an empty stomach to truly enjoy the wide varieties of kebabs available. 

Here are a few of our favourite stalls serving up the best in kebabs in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru. 

1. Abdul Lateef Paya Shop, Shivajinagar

Abdul Lateef Paya Shop has withstood the test of time in Shivajinagar. Started years ago, this place serves the best in kebabs and, as the name says, paya (mutton legs soup). For fresh delicious veal kebabs, visit the place during the evening hours. 


2. Khaleem’s Seekh Kebab Stall, Shivajinagar

This stall will be pretty difficult to find as it does not have a board or any kind of identification marks. You would have to figure it out through word of mouth, but when you do, you are in for a treat. Try the authentic Khaleem’s Phal, an undercut of beef marinated to perfection and cooked over coals. 


3. Bismillah Hotel, Shivajinagar

Bismillah Hotel is the place to visit for wide varieties of beef dishes served up straight from the grills. Although it is the rarest of combinations, the beef kebabs goes well with a nice hot cup of Sulemeni Chai. 


4. Al-Hilal, Shivajinagar

Al-Hilal is one of the oldest joints in Shivajinagar serving beef and other assortment of kebabs. Famous for their grilled mutton chops and beef sheekh kebabs, Al-Hilal serves up the best in kebabs in both beef and chicken varieties.

5. Royal Restaurant, Shivajinagar

Royal Restaurants was opened in 1988 and has been serving up kebabs and rolls to the citizens of Bangalore ever since. Mouth watering seekh kebabs and authentic mutton kheema kebabs entice you to gobble up to your stomach’s content. 


We have visited many places in Bengaluru with restaurants promising us a tasty and delicious variations of kebabs and what we found to be the most authentic and genuine are the kebabs served in Shivajinagar. The hustle and bustle at the wee hours of the morning adds a significant dose of energy when you are biting into a fresh of the grill kebab.