Shiva Shankar Chaats A Gusty Nook for Tasty Bites

Shiva Shankar Chaats – 5th Main Road – Jayamahal Extension



Shiva Shankar Chaats is on the 5th Main Road and is actually dwarfed by other bakeries and restaurants on the very same road, but Shiva’s business is gusty! There is no other way of describing it. He is quick to serve his customers who stand around his shack, he has his minions rushing to parked cars too! The service is brisk. His shack looks better with every month that passes. It speaks for his entrepreneurial skills.


Chaat fo FB_compressed

Chaats are the earliest of street foods in India. It is possibly the most favoured food of the country. One can find a Chaata-walah or Chaat-vendor at every street corner, and yet it is the most sort after food or snack in Bangalore. His menu is pasted at the side of his shack! The Paani-puri section is really crowded! The neighbourhood now has come to rely on his quick snacks!

A Good Variety

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Shiva Shankar Chaats, even if he has spelt if differently; he more than makes up for it in the food that he has to offer. There are most of the varieties of chats made available! To that he has added a sweet section and by the picture you will know is mostly sold out! It speaks for the volume of business he enjoys and enviable business he does on a day!

Pepsi Masala With Jal-Jeera

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He serves a drink Pepsi masala, which most people like to drink he says before they begin ordering chaat. The Jal-jeera usually follows after the Chaat repast he says! “For digestion!” he says. There is some food wisdom for us!

Parathas Too


Shiva Shankar Chaats serves up flavourful stuffed parathas also. These they make hot as you order and you can watch it being made. This is a fun place to go! The residents use it frequently after their evening walk making their dinner easier to set on the table with the parathas from here! So anywhere in and around Jayamahal Extension, Shiva Shankar Chaats maybe the place if you are riding past, strolling around or even driving through! Enjoy Madi!