Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s “Binge Meal” Is Healthier Than Our Regular Diet

Earlier this week, Bollywood actress and fitness advocate Shilpa Shetty Kundra along with hubby Raj Kundra gave us new clean-eating goals. How? Simply by going on a date and not bingeing out on greasy and cheesy food, unlike the rest of us mere mortals. The mom of one, who is also Bollywood’s poster child for clean eating and following a healthy lifestyle, is known for sticking to nutritious foods and even sharing recipes that propagate the same. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the couple chose healthy alternatives even on a date night. And if you want to follow suit, start taking notes.


Healthy Binging 101

The couple took to social media to share vibrant snippets of their mid-week date lunch at Bandra West-based popular restaurants Farmer’s Café. The Domestic Diva and Great Indian Diet author and her beau went for lean, green, and delicious options and got themselves and uber leafy pizza. Now, this wasn’t your regular pizza as Farmer’s Café aims at making “unhealthy healthy”, so the Italian pie came with an organic whole-wheat skinny base that was topped with organic cheese and copious amounts of assorted salad leaves. And we spotted some juicy cherry tomatoes, nuts, and chicken shreds on the Kundras’ pizza as well!

Raj Kundra also shared some pictures of the couple’s meal at Farmer’s Cafe on his Instagram page. “A deliciously healthy lunch”, he wrote.

To pair their supremely healthy pizza with an equally stunning dessert, the duo opted for a Farmer’s Rice Pudding, served with a side – and topping – of fresh fruits and chopped nuts, to complete their “Tuesday Binge”. Yep, a binge. So, the next time your stomach asks for a binge but your waist asks you to resist, keep the Kundras’ binge in mind – go for whole-wheat bread, lots of fresh greens, lean meat, fruits, and dry fruits. Or just head over to the Farmer’s Market in Mumbai!

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