Sheraton Grand Macao’s Hot And Spicy Chilli Oil And Sichuan Peppercorn Broth Recipe

Xin, the Asian Hot Pot restaurant at Sheraton Grand Macao offers its patrons a unique and innovative dining experience. Their philosophy being;simplicity, authenticity of flavors, and freshness, Xin offers Asian hotpot, fresh-from-the-tank seafood and Asian-inspired dishes. Now you can indulge in one of their delicacies right from the comfort of your home! So grab your apron and soup pot, pick out a nice cut of meat, head to your kitchen and make a pot of steaming hot broth. Who said only chicken soup can be comforting for the soul?

Hot and spicy chilli oil and sichuan peppercorn broth


Bay leaves
Star anise
Fennel seeds
Bai kou
Cao Guo
Dried chili
Sichuan pepper
Bean paste sauce
Peanut oil


1. Using all the ingredients as the base, add them all to a pot of water and boil.
2. You can add meat of your choice to the broth – seafood, chicken, beef or a mix.
3. Let it boil till it thickens and serve piping hot.