Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway & Brigade Hospitality Launch The World Café

Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway and their business associate Brigade Hospitality have added yet another feather to their hats with the launch of The World Café. Located at the World Trade Center, the concept for The World Café was thought up with an enormous amount of help and involvement from Brigade Hospitality, as the perfect place to get people together for a conversation while sipping freshly brewed single origin coffees from around the world and crunching on some scrumptious food.

Spread across 2,300 square feet, the combination of glass and chrome interiors contribute to the elegant ambience that imbibes the culture of the Café – one that is relaxing and welcoming. The bistro-style café was designed with simple colors and a modest décor that provides the perfect backdrop for a calming working environment.

The World Café features passionately created signature items such as single origin coffees, refreshing smoothies and quick bites. The handpicked single origin coffee beans are sourced from various places, roasted at a controlled heat and time, and brewed freshly to give the ultimate way to experience the spirit of coffee.

Some of the world’s most famous single origin coffees such as Ethiopian Sidamo, Brazilian Santos, Costa Rica Tarazu and Jamaican Blue Mountain feature in the menu. Apart from exclusive coffees, and the usual shakes, the Café also offers up a wide variety of sandwiches such as Belgian Mitraillette, Aussie Vegemite, and Canadian smoked meat rye for breakfast, as well as evening snacks like Grilled Vegetable Pesto, Lamb Pepper Fry, Chicken Jalapeno. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can devour some decadent desserts like the Baked Cheesecake, Sacher Torte, and Opera pastry.

The best thing about the menu is that it’s been thoughtfully curated so that there’s something for every palette, at anytime of the day! If you’re a bit partial to a good tea, the World Cafe has a selection of crafted teas such as Chamomile, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint Tea, Oolong Prestige, Vanilla bourbon and much more.

Mr. S. Sujeet Kumar, General Manager, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, said, “The World Café is one of our dream projects and we are delighted to launch it at the World Trade Center. A great deal of creativity and innovation has gone into bringing out this contemporary Café that reflects the brand’s vision to introduce a trendsetting global café for our prized guests”.



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