Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie & This Diet Is The Reason Why

Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira is loved all over the world for her amazing music, her voice, and her curves. And the latter of the three seem to be extra ‘on fleek’ during her El Dorado World Tour, which is currently underway and will take the Waka Waka star across cities in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America. So, what’s the secret behind the pop icon’s flawless form? Let’s find out.


Dance, Swim, & More

Shakira owes her solid body to Anna Kaiser, who is the brains behind the popular dance-based AKT routine and has been working with the singer for the past eight years. According to Kaiser, the 41-year-old musician relied on interval training five days a week to get in shape for the tour that kicked off on June 3 – but the rigorous workout started way before that. “We started cracking down four months before she went on tour, building up her endurance so that she could sustain performing at that crazy level of energy for two hours,” Kaiser told Us.

In addition to strengthening, toning her arms “like crazy”, and stepping up Shakira’s endurance, Kaiser also worked on upping her client’s strength to keep her going on stage. “She plays a lot of instruments, she’s dancing and she’s on and off stage through trap doors — so we needed to make sure that she was physically strong enough to endure all of that.”

Additionally, the mother of two was also put on a 45-minute interval swim workout twice weekly. As per her trainer, Shakira enjoys swimming, which also happens to be a great low-intensity cardio and a good contrast to the singer’s regular regime.

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Shakira’s Solid Diet

Shakira’s diet was a vibrant mix of healthy eats, caffeine, organic grubs, and – wait for it – chocolate, all of which was divided up into five to six small but wholesome and sumptuous meals through the day. “I bumped up the amount of times she ate every day with small amounts of food that would fill her up — she would snack on a creamy asparagus soup that was lightly salted.”

Moreover, Kaiser worked with the singer-dancer’s personal chef to supervise her meal plan. Shakira started with a cup of coffee before her morning workout in order to bump up her heartbeat. The workout was followed by a combination of protein, fat, and carbs like two small turkey sausages with a side of cucumber and tomatoes sprinkled with feta cheese.

The healthy was spiked with a dash of indulgence when Kaiser would treat Shakira to a sweet each night. “She loves chocolate, so I would bring something to the door outside the recording studio like a few squares of Hu Kitchen Paleo dark chocolate or Golden Milk which is macadamia milk, turmeric and a little bit of coconut sugar.”

Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie & This Diet Is The Reason WhyImage Source


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