Shake Up Your World at Ashvita Bistro This Summer


Ashvita Bistro in Alwarpet has introduced something that is going to rock your world. Or dare we say shake your world. And they’ve got your summer weekends covered.

Inspired by the Freakshakes in a Molly Bakes Café in London, Nivedita of Ashvita decided to introduce something similar in Chennai. “You always see these things on Facebook or Social Media, but you don’t really see food like this in Chennai, or in India and I thought we should give it a go,” she said when we caught up with her over our very own Monster Shakes at the Alwarpet outlet.

They come in four flavours – Chocolate Monster, Cookies & Cream Monster, Purple Monster and Caramel Monster – and are amazing to look at and even more amazing when you eat them. The usual suspects are just what you’d expect, but topped with whipped cream, salted pretzels, marshmallows, cream wafers and chocolate sticks. And there is also a piece of cake added, because how else could they be ‘monster sized’, depending on the flavor you’ve ordered. And the Purple Monster is actually made from blackcurrant crush and topped with fresh blackcurrant.

Chocolate Monster & Caramel Monster

While these shakes were only meant to be part of the menu during the summer months, Nivedita says that due to the popularity and the constant demand, they are going to make it a regular feature. “In the first three days of launching it, we had sold 100 Monster Shakes!” she added, which has prompted them to work on another flavor to add in the coming weeks – Mint Chocolate Monster.

And that’s not all, they plan to introduce vegan and vegetarian shakes in both their outlets soon!


Brace yourself for the deliciousness and maybe even show up starving, because it’s a treat that you do not want to waste at any cost.

The Monster Shakes are priced at Rs. 325 and are currently only available at their Alwarpet outlet.