Shake things up at Ashvita Bistro’s Mixology Workshop

A night of Cuba Libras, Gimlets and Italian Smooches- Ashvita Bistro saw some fireworks, courtesy PAB David. Read on-

Ashvita Bistro is always mixing things up and adding a touch of drama and art to the everyday. This time they put together a lovely Mixology workshop for participants to learn the art as it is. Participants were given separate stations and the expert’s opinion on smooth cocktails. 

David is from the Puducherry Academy of Bartending and is a wiz with the drinks. He mixed up a few cocktails and mock-tails, along with some crazy demonstrations and put up quite the show. Lime Fizzes, Mojitos, Cuba Libras, Gimlets, Watermelon Surprises and Shooters were on the roll call for the alcohol lovers. Teetotalers were taught Dirty Pool, Italian Smooch and a Strawberry Lipstick. 

Watch as he brings out the big guns and makes bartending look easy as pie. 

(This session took place on the 25th of July 2015 between 7-9pm and participants were charged Rs 1250. Call 979108819 for more details. )