Shake Shack Plans To Make A Delicious Addition To Its Menu Come 2017

Shake Shack, a fast casual restaurant chain known for its burgers , hot dogs, fries and frozen custard is planning to add a new limited edition sandwich to its menu come 2017.; the Barbecue Chick’n Shack. This marks the brand’s continued focus on chicken as a major protein.

The Barbecue Chick ‘N Shack

In a call with investors, Shake Shack revealed that they were planning to launch the new sandwich in early 2017. Inspired by its original chicken sandwich, the Barbecue Chick ‘N Shack will have a crispy chicken breast covered with Shake Shack’s barbecue sauce.


Shake Shack has been increasingly focused on chicken; it has recently been launching day only sandwiches and other poultry dishes created by well-known chefs and offers a Salt & Pepper Honey Chicken sandwich on tis menu.

But There’s Also Beef

Nevertheless, the chain has also announced that it will be launching the ‘Barbecue Shackmeiserter’ burger next year which will have beef patties topped with beer marinated shallots.


Sounds like 2017 will be a delicious year indeed.


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