Shah Rukh Khan Stars In An Intriguing New Ad For Frooti

Popular mango drink Frooti has just released a new ad starring brand endorser, Shah Rukh Khan. In the ad, Khan is offered a vial of Frooti that may just help him open a mysteriously locked door.

About Frooti

Frooti is the flagship product of Parle Agro India Private Limited and is made using mango pulp, water, sugar, ascorbic acid, citric acid, salt and colouring. It’s the only fruit juice brand in India to offer 2 litre packaging.

Shah Rukh Khan Stars In An Intriguing New Ad For Frooti

While the drink does not have an official brand ambassador, Khan has endorsed Frooti in several ads, including one with his children.


The latest ad, released on Frooti’s YouTube channel on March 20th features Khan wandering around distorted office like set up. He opens a door marked ‘Life’ into a room filled with corporates who tell him to “Chase the Mango, Choose the Mango”. This door is then replaced by a vibrant orange one that says “The Frooti Life”, which he cannot open. Finally, he decides to drink a vial of Frooti (given to him by a young monk) to see whether it helps. Check out the ad below:

Reminds you a little of Alice in Wonderland, doesn’t it? Clearly, there’s more to the ad- what’s behind the Frooti door? Stay posted!