Set Out On An Italian Food Voyage At Prego, Westin Gurugram
November 29, 2017

Set Out On An Italian Food Voyage At Prego, Westin Gurugram

Food Trail

/fuːd/ /treɪl/


A series of meals had in succession at more than one eatery.

“Marriott Hotels invited us on a food trail across two of their properties in Delhi.”

Serenading the tales of a classic Italian kitchen bang in the middle of Delhi-NCR’s booming corporate village is Prego at Westin, Gurgaon. The restaurant, washed in warm tones and warm tints, is just where you need to go for a sunny Sunday brunch this season. And here’s what you can expect from the Chef De Cuisine Emiliano Di Stefano and his skilled posse.


Trattoria Vibe

Much like an immaculate trattoria on Ponte Vecchio, Prego welcomes its guests with a neat and classy space teamed with a calm ambience. The crisp yet relaxed décor is a nod to both Italian sensibilities and the Marriott-Westin aesthetic.

Nestled in the sprawling Westin courtyard, Prego offers a good view of the hotel and a refreshing burst of sunlight during the day. And if you visit them during the holiday season, a towering Christmas tree bang in the middle of their gigantic courtyard pond will greet you. With great attention to detail, Prego has managed to create an impeccable space to dine in.


Antipasti, Dolce, & More

This season, Prego prides itself with a newly crafted menu that boasts of top-notch Italian preparations made by Chef Emiliano with only the freshest ingredients (trust us, our palate is already vouching for this). The delightful four-course spread includes antipasti, soup, mains, and dolce, of course.

As we were walked through the nuances of traditional Italian cooking and cuisine, we nibbled on an antipasti platter loaded with an assortment of Italian cold cuts, homemade pickled veggies, some cheese, and deep fried pickled dough. A typical Italian antipasti according to Chef Emiliano, the platter really worked up our appetite.

Next up were seared scallops served with a traditional Tuscan bread and tomato salad, marinated cucumber, onion, eggplant mousse, and pomegranate. Now, we’ve had a fair amount of seafood in Delhi, and it is safe to say that Prego’s scallops were as fresh as a beachside shack’s.

Vegetarians need not fret as the Chef has put together a decadent vegetarian millefoglie, which is essentially layered vegetables – eggplants, roasted bell pepper, tomato, zucchini – topped with buffalo mozzarella, grana padona, and basil.

Keeping up with the yum factor of the appetizers, the main too were spot on. We were served linguine pasta with pesto Genovese, taggiasa olives, and fresh greens topped with prawns.

Fun fact, authentic Italian pasta isn’t half as cream-laden as we think; it’s usually just a dash of olive oil, a splash of sauce, and generous amount of seasoning and vegetables an/or meat (which should preferable not be chicken, shares the Chef).

Our second main was a juicy rack of lamb roasted to perfection, served atop a bed of truffle mashed potato, roasted asparagus, a lick of mushroom sauce, and crispy maple bacon.

For our final round, a.k.a. dessert, we spooned up some sinfully delicious “grandmother style” custard sandwiched between crunchy puff pastry with berry sauce on the side. If you’re big on sweets, then this millefoglie is a must have.

In conclusion, we just want to reiterate the Italian authenticity that underlies the Prego clockwork. Easily one of the best Italian restaurants in the Capital, this restaurant should be on your bucket list this winter!

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