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Are they really serving Spiked Pani Puris at this Holi Festival in Chennai?


Spiked. Pani Puri. Chennai. 

The Beep Entertainment Holi Festival at Chennai, just gave us one more reason to attend. And that specific reason comes in bite size puri dunked in liquor. 

Several times our Delhi counterparts have boasted of the Vodka Pani Puri and we have only slurped in response. And now, in The Park open air venue, you can actually see these beauties and put your face in them. 

The Holi Festival, among several others this year, is priced at Rs 999 per head. You can book your tickets at Oh, and it’s happening on the 24th of March at 10 am (!). 

Now if you feel like the tipsy pani puri still isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor takes the liquor out and throws in our other best friend, Espresso. 

Take a look: 

If that didn’t appeal to you, go ahead and make the boozy one here